My Views & Interesting News: Holograms of Politicians should be replaced with them in Parliament

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Holograms of Politicians should be replaced with them in Parliament

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With more than 85% of the precious time wasted in Indian Parliament in this session, when Politicians stopped proceedings over the killing of Indian soldiers on the Pakistan border, Robert Vadra issue, clashes in Jammu and Kashmir and missing files on coal allocation, I have a suggestion to make that “Holograms of Politicians should be replaced with them in the Parliament”. With Indian Taxpayers paying so much money for each minute running of the Indian Parliament & these Politicians always protesting, fighting & wasting the precious time of the Indian Parliament, replacing them with their Holograms shall be the best solution to save time & money of the Parliament. Then their Holograms shall have to answer some preprogrammed answers only & some of them (opposition members holograms) can be programmed to protest only. These Holograms shall work just like the Programmed Robots who shall do the specific jobs like doing protests etc. or saying Yes or No in the Parliament.

It is a proven technology & has been implemented successfully at the London airport & is being recently implemented at London Council Office where a Hologram shall Replac a Human Receptionist. As per the report:

“London council building that is replacing a human receptionist with a hologram named Shanice. 

 The hologram is going to cost them a total of $19,000 and will be projected to appear as though she is sitting behind a desk, MSN reports. She will be programmed to answer a limited amount of questions for individuals who enter the town hall building, reports UPI. 

According to the council, the hologram will be a more cost efficient measure -- plus humans answering questions is totally outdated anyway.” 

So let’s save precious money of the Taxpayers by implementing the measure of replacing the Politicians in Indian Parliament with their Holograms. What do you say??? Your comments are awaited.......

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